Fee Policies

Each Centre offers different programs to meet the needs of the children in their community. Below are fee policies  and the fee schedule that include all  programs, and apply to all Spare Time Centres.

New Registration

All new Spare Time members are required to give a $100.00 deposit upon registration. This will be applied to the final month upon the one-month notice of withdrawal from the centre. If one month notice is not given, the deposit will not be returned.

Monthly Fees Include

Monthly fees are consistent for every month regardless of the number of instructional days. Annual instructional and non instructional days are totaled and averaged out over a 10 month period. Although there are additional fees for those who would like to attend during December and March, (for Winter Break and Spring Break) the regular monthly fee will remain the same. If children are withdrawn from care, they will not be eligible to re-enter the centre for 3 months. Please refer to your Parent Manual for the complete fee policy.

Preschool and part time fees are calculated based only on  instructional days.

Not Included in Monthly Fees

District Closure Days, Winter Break & Spring Break are not included in monthly fees.


Monthly E-Transfers on the first of each month, or post-dated cheques provided for the rest of the year by the first day of attendance. Your centre supervisor will give you E-Transfer details. 

Affordable Child Care Benefit

An Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) is available for those who qualify from the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Families receiving this subsidy will also be required to pay a $50.00 deposit and provide post-dated cheques or an E-Transfer for their portion as stated above, the difference between the monthly fee and the benefit authorization.  There will be additional fees for district closure days, Winter Break and Spring Break. The centre must receive authorization forms prior to the child attending or you will be responsible for paying the full fee, and you will be reimbursed when the authorization is received. For information: Affordable Child Care Benefit – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca)

Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative 

The  Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative offers funding to licenced child care providers to reduce monthly child care fees. Families do not apply for this, we opt in as providers.

Children in school age kindergarten programs became eligible for fee reductions in Dec. 2022.

As of Sept 2023, families with children in participating half-day preschool or school age care programs will be eligible for fee reductions. 

Spare Time has not yet received written approval from the ministry to reduce our fees, so our posted fees for Pre School and Gr. 1-7  will be adjusted and families will be credited when we receive the information we need. For September, the reduction amount provided last term for our kindergarten fee will be used, and adjustments will be made when our fee reductions are approved for 2023-24 .


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