Summer Program

Our Summer 2018 Programs are now available!

Play, learn and discover at Spare Time this Summer.  Each centre has planned fun hands-on activities, field trips, and a variety of learning opportunities and experiences for children ages five to twelve (entering kindergarten to entering grade eight.)

Download your centre’s summer registration package and program calendar to see what’s been planned!

Centre hours:  7:30 am – 6:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Key Registration Dates in May

Summer program registration starts on May 7th for enrolled families, and on May 25th at 7:30 am for the community at all centres except for Spare Time Clubhouse and Spare Time Connection (see details below). Forms are accepted in-person only for all centres. 

New families enrolling to Spare Time are also required to complete the Spare Time Registration Documents once they are accepted into the program. These include contact information, centre-parent agreement, photo/video consent and more.

For Spare Time Clubhouse and Spare Time Connection only:

Registration for community families attending David Livingstone and General Wolfe schools begins at 7:30 am on May 24th.

Registration for all other community families begins at 7:30 am on May 25th, in person at Spare Time Clubhouse, General Wolfe School only.

*Accepting only one family registration per person.

Spare Time Clubhouse/Connection Summer Flyer 2018

Fee Schedule for Summer Break 2018

Summer Fees (Summer 2018):  $251.00 per week (No daily rates available). $202.00 for the holiday weeks, July 3-6 and August 7-10

Lunch, snacks and all activities and field trips are included in the fee. On all field trips, children are well supervised and ride in our Variety Club vans, and buses driven by qualified, licensed class 2 and 4 drivers.


A subsidy is available for those who qualify from the Ministry of Children and Families.

Excitement Starts Here! – Summer Program Forms

Spare Time Challenge Club – Spare Time Bobolink at Oppenheimer School,  2421 Scarboro Ave   

Spare Time Challenge Club/Bobolink Summer Registration Package 2018

Spare Time Challenge Club/Bobolink Summer Brochure 2018

Spare Time Challenge Club/Bobolink Summer Calendar 2018

Spare Time Clubhouse – Spare Time Connection at General Wolfe School

Clubhouse/Connection Juniors Program:

Juniors Summer Registration Package 2018

Juniors Summer Brochure 2018

Juniors Summer Calendar 2018

Clubhouse/Connection Leaders Program:  

Leaders Summer Registration Package 2018

Leaders Summer Brochure 2018

Leaders Summer Calendar 2018

Clubhouse/Connection Loungers Program at David Livingstone School: 

Loungers Summer Registration Package 2018

Loungers Summer Brochure 2018

Loungers Summer Calendar 2018






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