While each centre offers a wide variety of individualized programs on a daily basis, there is a commonality between what is being offered at all of our locations. Your centre supervisor will have a copy of the specific programs and activities available at your centre, but here is a general overview of the programs we offer:

Morning Care (Before School Care)

The centres open at 7:30am and close when the school day begins. Children attending this program are involved in quiet activities for the first hour. After 8:30 am, when school staff are on supervision duty, children may choose to play outside or take part in school-related activities. Kindergartens remain indoors to be supervised by Spare Time staff.  Breakfast is available for a nominal fee.

After School Care

This program operates from school dismissal to 6:00pm, and from 7:30am to 6:00pm on non-instructional days and school breaks.  Children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities that are designed to nurture their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.


This program is currently available at Spare Time Clubhouse at General Wolfe School and Spare Time Connection at Livingston School.  This program operates before and after kindergarten class and during the lunch hour. The Kinderclub program is designed to meet the particular needs of children in this age group.

Spare Time Leaders Clubs

Children nine to twelve years old may participate in the Leaders Club at their centre. As this program is designed in part by the children themselves, specific programs for this age group vary from centre to centre. Programs challenge their intellectual, physical and creative skills while building independence and self-esteem.

Spare Time Supported Development

With funding from the Social Services Ministry, the Spare Time centres were among the first school age child care centres to offer specialized programs for children with a variety of individual and unique needs. Our integrated programs operate in conjunction with all our other programs. Specially trained staff work with the children on an individual basis to guide them through activities and to ensure that their need for creative, stimulating and fun experiences are met.

Winter, Spring and Summer Break

During the holiday breaks our centres are open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We offer exciting programs for children 5 to 12 years old during the winter, spring and summer breaks.

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